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Based out of Lancaster Pennsylvania
Who is Papa Tater?

I live on a farm on a magical mountain that you can only get to with imagination. My family has been growing Magic Potatoes for the rainbow fairies for ages. The rainbow fairies build all the rainbows for the whole world. We trade potatoes for magic.

Rainbows are the best place to collect magic. And it's fun to go out for a walk and play with the rainbow fairies.

I have a lot of friends on the mountain and some of them come along to play. You'll meet Roadie the beaver. Roadie takes care of a dam that creates a pond for all of us to swim in and I use it to get water to my potato patch. Hammy (the hammer) is my best tool and a good friend. Although, he does get up to mischief from time to time. And of course there's Flitter the invisible fairy. She likes to come along with the show to meet everyone.

So one day I was out on the mountain in my clean white shirt and hat. The rainbow fairies and I were having a great time playing hide and seek. The best fairy at hide and seek is Flitter. Well, she is invisible. On this day we were having the best time running around the woods. And then it happened. I tripped. And I tumbled. And I rolled right through a rainbow that wasn't dry yet. When I got up I didn't have a white shirt and a white hat anymore. The fairies all came over to make sure I was ok and when they saw all the rainbow colors on my cloths they squealed with delight. I liked the colors as well so I decided to keep them.

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